Pool Covers

Durable Pool Covers

You come out to enjoy your swimming pool and instead spend time skimming it to get all of the bugs and leaves out. There is an easy fix for this problem - purchase a pool cover from the experts at Discount Pool Supply. You can keep your pool covered when it's not in use and prevent the hassle of skimming and cleaning before each use.

During the cooler months in your area when you're not using your pool, protect it from the elements and keep it safe with a top-quality pool cover. That way when summer comes and you're ready to use it, it's in great condition and ready to go.

Types of Pool Covers We Sell

Another benefit of a pool cover, in addition to keeping your water sparkling clean, is
keeping it warm. We sell a variety of solar pool covers that will heat your water up when it's in use, eliminating those freezing cold dips.
  • Custom covers
  • Stock covers
  • Solar covers
  • Liners
  • Safety covers
  • Quality materials
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