Pool Maintenance

Complete Pool Maintenance

You have a very busy schedule and probably don't have time to constantly ensure your pool is properly maintained. There are too many things to worry about, and you want to spend your free time enjoying the pool not slaving over it. Discount Pool Supply provides pool maintenance services so that you can do more of what you love.

Spend more time relaxing with your family in your pool and less time cleaning and fussing over it. Give our experts a call to find out more about our weekly pool maintenance services. We promise you'll love the results you see.

Quality Pool Services

An unclean pool can carry diseases and can affect people who swim in it. We will make sure leaves, bugs, and other debris are kept out of your pool. There is much more to take care of a pool than just filling it with water - leave it all to the experts.
  • Weekly maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Filter checks
  • Water testing
  • Chemical balancing
  • Filling or emptying
Call 858-483-3100 today for a FREE water test on your pool.
Let the experts at Discount Pool Supply handle your weekly pool maintenance, so you can focus on the fun.
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